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Private Sessions in Personal and Professional Coaching

How Coaching Works

Thomas Michael Amelio, Certified Professional Coach

 As a Professional Coach, I work in person and by phone. I typically work with a client once a week for 45 minutes, three times a month with email communications in between. I usually first explore with a potential client in a complimentary session. This gives the client a chance to get a sense of what coaching is like. If we find we are a good “fit,” and choose to work together, the next step is a 1 ½ hour discovery session: this helps reveal the client’s values, the goals that spring from them, and we set an agenda for our work over the next couple months.   

 This agenda is one of the key elements setting coaching apart from psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is, primarily about healing. While coaching can have a healing effect, it assumes the client has reached a sufficient level of healing to feel the call for something greater in their lives. Sometimes, though, the presenting agenda (“I hate my job”) turns out to be part of a larger agenda (what is referred to as the transformational agenda: “I need to change my lifestyle and and give to the world in a whole new way.”)

 My practice blends life experience--and a 30+ year career background in self-development-- with a specific modality called Transformational Coaching, which is especially powerful for holistically oriented clients, often at a critical transitional juncture in their lives, who are ready to “heartfully”—and practically—design and enter the next phase of their lives.

 Why hire a coach?

 In his book: Crossing the Unknown Sea, poet David Whyte speaks of a time when he was at a crossroads as to whether to leave his safe job in a not-for-profit organization or to move towards his heart’s longing. He went to his mentor: David Steindl-Rast. An excerpt of his conversation is below. Brother David begins….


“You are so tired through and through because a good half of what you do here in this organization has nothing to do with your true powers, or the place you have reached in your life. You are only half here, and half here will kill you after a while. You need something to which you can give your full powers. You know what that is; I don't have to tell you."


He didn't have to tell me. Brother David knew I wanted my work to be my poetry.  "Go on," I said.


"You are like Rilke's Swan in his awkward waddling across the ground; the swan doesn't cure his awkwardness by beating himself on the back, by moving faster, or by trying to organize himself better. He does it by moving toward the elemental water where he belongs. It is the simple contact with the water that gives him grace and presence. You only have to touch the elemental waters in your own life, and it will transform everything. But you have to let yourself down into those waters from the ground on which you stand, and that can be hard. Particularly if you think you might drown."


So, in a sense, the point of coaching is to help clients discover what their elemental waters are, help them feel safe to step into them, and eventually live there more fully!  I love to help people get to that place.  


Private Sessions in Meditation

For over 30 years Thomas has practiced and taught many forms of meditation, from basic to advanced. 

Meditation will help you:

  • Uncover your greatest potential, and, ultimately, your true boundless nature
  • Relieve stress, fear, anxiety
  • Open a still sanctuary within yourself to which you can retreat in all circumstances--especially when life is difficult and challenging
  • Create a spaciousness between outer stimulations and your reactions to it--thus increasing your freedom of conscious choice
  • Awaken intuition
  • In addition to his public classes, Shivanand offers private sessions in meditation and mantra practice in Manhattan and Jackson Heights. In general they are for one hour and priced on a sliding scale. Phone sessions are usually 45 minutes.

"Beyond physical yoga postures the deeper practice of yoga is meditation. Yoga means unity--and to me the essence of unity is love. There are few acts I can imagine to be more loving than offering mantra and meditation, with all its remarkable benefits, to others." -Shivanand-Thomas Amelio





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